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Enema Boy Dustin
Blond twink fills himself up with a huge enema and expels it in the shower. Check it out!
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Fun With Clothespins

Badpuppy model Lukas Fedorov by William Higgins

Innocent-looking twink Lukas Federov gives us a glimpse into his kinky private jackoff routine which involves a more than a bit of CBT!

In this photoset by William Higgins exclusively for Badpuppy, the 21-year-old Czech boy gets rough while stroking his uncut cock, twisting and stretching his foreskin, tugging hard on his ball sac. The clothespin torture begins when Lucas starts attaching them all over his genitals, on his balls, on the shaft of his cock, and even directly upon his long foreskin overhang!

If that’s not kinky enough for you, plenty of closeup shots of Lukas’s dirty feet and gaping, raunchy butthole are included as well!

Download Lukas Federov’s complete photoset on Badpuppy »

Pissing on His Twin Brother

AJ pissing on twin brother Alex.

Here’s a scene that no other site besides Boys-Pissing would ever dream of filming: a sweet teen boy pissing on his identical twin brother!

AJ and Alex Fisher are kinky 18-year-old identical twins. First Alex pisses over himself while seated on the floor, his brother looking on intently. Then AJ stands over Alex and takes a piss on him, aiming his golden stream directly at his brother’s semi-erect cock!

On BoysPissing there is another gallery starring the Fisher Twins available to members. This time the two boys stand on opposite sides of a bathtub and start filling it up with their fresh piss!

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The Abduction of Corey

Corey on Straight Hell

Certainly not for the squeamish, this extreme BDSM movie comes to us from the controversial Straight Hell.

The sadistic master is always on the lookout for new victims to torture, and this time he recruits the help of Reuben, a sexually frustrated straight guy. The two come upon Corey, an innocent twink student who is lost and looking for directions. His hesitation and smooth, innocent skin make him an irresistible target for the two perverted men…

The master writes:

We drag the kicking and screaming Corey into my underground den, throwing him down on the filthy floor. Reuben deftly binds his wrists while I restrain the little bugger, my brute strength easily overpowering his pathetic struggles. Soon, we’ve got him spread out and vulnerable, the defiant look in his eyes rapidly being replaced with one of fear as my fingers move closer to his crotch and Reuben produces a pair of scissors.

A few slashes later, and Corey’s uniform is in shreds on the ground. I have free range of his lithe naked body, and I run my hands lecherously all over his smooth chest and arse, feeling his firm healthy muscles tense with terror.
After enjoying a good grope of his heavy cock and balls, I pinch and twist his small pink nipples, getting them nice and sensitive before Reuben applies a pair of vicious nipple clamps. These come in handy for stringing the straight lad to the wall, at our mercy and in ever increasing amounts of pain.

We pick up a pair of floggers and lay into the screaming lad. Each blow makes him yell more desperately, especially when our whips hit his tender clamped up nipples. With every cry making our cocks increasingly hard, we decide Corey should really have something to cry about. I clamp his nuts up and yank them taut so Reuben has free access to flog every inch of his cock.
As Corey’s moans of pain reach fever pitch, we stop hitting him, and draw him close. Reuben leans in to give him a kiss. Corey’s reaction of disgusted horror betrays him. For a straight lad like this one, this uninvited intimacy is the worst torment of all. And we’ve only just got started…

What they Corey through here is tame compared to some of the other torture and humiliation episodes on the site. The screaming in pain and pleas for mercy are real. I find some of their harder scenes disgusting but they make my cock hard as a rock!

For more sick stuff, check out the latest torture porn trailer videos on the Straight Hell tour. You have been warned!

Gear Action

Liam Tatum and Mark Lloyd on Gear Action

You’ve probably never seen a twink fetish video like this before! This bizarre encounter which comes to us from Gear Action features British boys Orson (Liam Tatum) and Kristian (Mark Lloyd) having sex in gear!

Orson is decked out in a full hockey uniform and Kristian suits up as a fireman. Keeping their gear and helmets on, these kinky boys trade blowjobs in a 69. Then the hockey player lays pipe to the firefighter’s waiting puckerhole!

When they shoot, you can almost taste their creamy fountains of cum!

Watch a trailer of Orson and Kristian fucking in gear »

Nick Ryan Spanks Keith Conner

Helix exclusive Keith Conner getting the shit beaten out of him by Nick Ryan.

This spanking movie starring Helix Studios’ exclusives Keith Conner and Nick Ryan is both humourous and kinky fun for us sadists!

The plot is that clumsy Keith breaks an expensive light belonging to his buddy Nick. Nick has a mean streak and decides to extract payment from the teen by giving him a spank for each dollar the lamp cost! Poor Keith gets his ass beaten beet red with Nick’s hands, leather belt, and even a paddle.

Both twinks give a good performance in this video — especially Nick Ryan. I liked it because spanking action keeps builidng and building throughout the video with Keith enjoying the pain and doing everything he can to make the number of whacks he gets go up and not down!

Watch a streaming preview of Nick and Keith on page 2 of the video section of Spank This»

Dirty Socks Sniffer

Matty sniffs dirty smelly socks to get his dick hard.

BoyFun‘s Matty and I have one thing in common: dirty, stinky socks are a regular part of our masturbation routine!

The pair of Nike’s on the athletic boy’s big feet look he has been wearing them for at least three days in a row (I know this from personal experience!). The first thing Matty does is peel them off his sweaty feet and then he holds them up close to his nose so he can get a good whiff of their raunchy odor. I love the look of lust in his eyes while he is sniffing those smelly socks; we can tell he is not embarrassed one bit by his dirty fetish.

And we can also clearly see the effect these socks have on him, by the time he withdraws his long uncut cock its already standing fully at attention!

Matty is just one of many twink sock and sneaker sniffers on Boy Fun Collection. Its probably the single best site to find this rare fetish porn!

Download the rest of Matty’s raunchy photos on Boy Fun Collection.

The Agony of Electro-Stim

Jonny Ryder electro-tortured by Chris and Sebastion

Sadistic Sebastion Kain is up to his perverted tricks again with his latest victim, redheaded twink Jonny Ryder!

The infamous bondage master has an accomplice this time, none other than Jonny’s own blond boyfriend Ryan Diamond. It seems Ryan gets turned on watching Jonny suffer at the hands of an expert torturer.

The video starts off innocently enough with the beautiful boy kneeling in the middle of the room blindfolded, his hands bound behind his back. Sebastion approaches him and starts wanking his pink-headed uncut cock, making it stick straight out long and rock hard. Boyfriend Ryan continues teasing and stroking Jonny’s boner while Sebastion inserts a dildo up the teen boy’s ass. Jonny hardly seems to react. But then we get an inkling of Sebastion’s cruel intentions when we see him connecting two electrical leads to the end of the dildo. When he activates this electrified probe with the flick of a switch, Jonny starts whimpering in pain!

And that’s just the start of the electro torture for poor Jonny. The two cruel men make him lie down on his back, hands outstretched and still bound together. A metal cock ring is placed around his scrotum, and another ring on the shaft of his penis. Once again electrical leads are attached to both and we see Sebastiian mercilessly make the electrical current start to flow. There are some great long shots of Jonny just lying there writhing in pain with the control box on his chest. How helpless he must have felt with the instrument of his torture so close and not being able to turn it off due to his bound hands!

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This is one of my favorite Boynapped Dark videos so far, and it runs an incredibly generous 42 minutes long! Interspersed amongst the bondage and BDSM are some scenes of tenderness between Ryan and Jonny, and some hot oral sex as well when Sebastion makes Jonny suck him off still blindfolded.

Download the full-length movie of the torture of Jonny Ryder here.

Landon Explores His Foot Fetish

Landon Reed tastes the feet of a college athlete.

Teen college boy Landon Reed surprised everyone at this recent video he did for the site College Dudes 247. At the start of it, instead of sucking the cock of his partner MJ as he was supposed to, Landon couldn’t resist worshiping the blond jock’s sweaty feet!

It blew me away to see such an innocent looking blond twink doing something so dirty! Those closeups of him licking the soles of the muscle boy’s feet and sucking on each one of MJ’s toes almost made me shoot my load. Apparently all this uninhibited foot worship had the desired effect on MJ, judging by how quickly his big cock springs to full attention. The raunchy sex also gives him an appetite for some rimming, he turns Landon around, spreads his ass cheeks apart, and sticks his tongue deep up inside to explore the inner recesses of the slender blond’s shithole!

And when MJ finally shoves his hard cock up that ass, the look of fear and pain on Landon’s face really turned me on. Even for an experienced twink bottom like Landon, a cock as long as MJ’s seems as though it might be too much for him to handle…

Download the 25-minute video of these blond boys’ amazing foot fetish, ass rimming, and hardcore anal sex.

Zack McGraw Gets Boynapped

Zack McGraw BoyNapped

Poor Zack McGraw got BOYNAPPED by an older neighbor!

This mean dude suspends the captured twink from the ceiling and then duct tapes his mouth so that he cant scream. He proceeds to cut off Zack’s clothes with a boxcutter and then uses clothespins on his victim for some harsh tit torture. After being suspended in that position for an uncomfortably long time, Zack is taken down but his wrists are bound and his ass beaten with a thick leather strap, making the boy moan in agony.

My favorite part comes about 17 minutes into the torture. Still tied up, Zack is getting his cock slapped so harshly and the pain is so intense he cant help pissing himself. How humiliating!


The long video of Zack’s suffering ends with a surprise: after untiying the boy to let him release his cumload, the mean neighbor once again ties him up in full bondage! The movie fades to black with zack struggling in vain to get free…

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Aaron Tylers Brutal Beating

Spank This - Aaron Tyler and Sterne


If you’re a sadist and enjoy watching twinks writhing in pain you will love this extreme spanking video from Spank This. Teen boy thief Aaron Tyler gets caught red-handed stealing firewood from a mean farmer who decides to teach him a brutal lesson in pain that he will never forget.

Here’s a short trailer of the discipline session:

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